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    dawwwwwww he/she thinks they’re people

    This is so cute omg

    But what if its a cat that used to be human but it was turned into a cat by a curse or spell or something

    go to bed

    McGonagall after a hard day of dealing with magical youngins

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    Filming of the Pilot (&)

    #i feel    #so weird    #they were strangers here guys    #they had no idea who the other was they were two random guys    #filming the first episode of some show    #god   

    complete strangers and then 3 episodes in we get this

    Fun fact: In between filming the pilot and the second episode, Jared and Jensen got jumped outside a bar and pretty much literally saved each others lives.

    This is what I imagined happened immediately after:


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  2. how I tell stories

    • me: and then she was like
    • me: and im like
    • me: but then shes like
    • me: then theyre like
    • me: so i was like
    • me: yeah like
    • me: i know like
    • me: ye
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    whenever someone mentions dan on my dash it’s a big mystery of

    roosterteeth dan? creatures dan? game grumps dan? dan and phil dan? why are there so many dans

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    we aren’t a fandom, we are an “idea”

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    4 score and 20 years ago i blazed it

    now im stoned

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    Watching my favourite tv series or movie:


    this is the most accurate post I’ve ever seen….bless you

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